Top 5 Best and Worst Superhero Costumes

6 07 2011

Superheroes go through a lot of costume changes, for better or worse.  Here’s my list of the 5 Best and 5 Worst costumes of both male and female superheroes.


5. Power Girl

Power Girl
I’m a little biased (but be glad I didn’t put the 90s blue Shadowcat costume on here. As much as I love it, it is pretty awful), but Power Girl actually has a great costumes.  She takes the iconic themes of Superman (red cape; red, yellow, and blue coloring) but twists them.  The epaulet on her shoulder signifies warrior status, while not over-armoring her.  The cape’s asymmetry sets her apart from other heroes.  The white leotard is a sharp contrast to the grim and gritty attitude (and costuming) of most other superheroes, and it sort of encompasses her attitude.  In fact, the whole PG costume (boob window and all) is about confidence and attitude.  She is probably the only character who can pull it off.

4. Zatanna


    Zatanna is a Vegas style magician and she dresses that way.  The bow tie, the top hat, the vest and tuxedo jacket: it all makes complete sense, while still being very tongue-in-chic.  And even if you’re not a fan of fishnets and booty shorts, you have to admit, that they give it the superhero air that ties the whole look together.

3. Nightwing

Streamlined and formfitting.  It’s simple and understated, but clearly gets the message across.  I am also just a sucker for finger stripes.

2. She-Hulk

She-Hulk’s costume plays off of the concept of the Hulk (tiny purple shorts), but gives it both a tough and feminine air.  It shows just enough of her body to reveal muscles and curves, but still leaves a lot to the imagination.

1. Spider-Man

Recognizable, streamlined, unique, and really, frankly, the best costume I think I’ve even seen.  There is no inch of this classic costume that is not instantly identifiable.  Also, I just love the idea of webbed armpits.


5. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch
I don’t know who told her that hot pink and red went together, but, frankly, they were ill-informed.  Add the color pallet to the odd undergarment (I mean, is it a bodysuit? Arm and leg warmers? A nylon body hose?) and the dopey, M-shaped head piece (I know, I know, her last name is “Maximoff,” but really, is that a valid reasoning?) and you’ve got…just a really confusing costume.

4. Red Tornado

Red Tornado
More than anything, Red Tornado’s coloration just confuses me.  I mean, he’s red, but he’s not wearing a mask, right?  So his costume ends up making him look like he’s running around in flesh toned (for him) panties.  Then there’s the gold lines and T logo that seem to have no real relevance and honestly just look painted or tattooed on.  I like to imagine that he is actually trolling the whole Justice League by just walking around naked all the time.

3. Emma Frost

Emma Frost
Once the White Queen joined the X-men, artists decided they were going to get clever with her lingerie-based costumes.  I don’t know who exactly decided that corsets and underwear didn’t say “X-Man” enough, but I can only assume Greg Horn was involved.  This little number is clever because her skin forms an “X,” sure, but my god, all I can think is: “how painful that nub stabbing into her bellybutton must be” and “how is she keeping her breasts aloft?”  I think the worst thing is the random, inexplicable neck brace.  I mean, it’s not even attached to anything!

2. Black Goliath

Black GoliathBlack Goliath

Black Goliath’s most recent costume is not too shabby.  A little boring, maybe, but not bad.  However, he has a history of poor taste and fashion sense.  First there was his ab window, which puts PG’s boob window to shame.  That combined with his disco collar was questionable at best.  Then it got worse and he tossed on this Plasticman inspired number.  The oversized G logo on his belt is trumped in distastefulness only by his Civil War uniform inspired chest laces.  His costumes have just had so many odd decisions, all I can think to ask is: “why?”

1. Nightwing


Or “Discowing” as this travesty is often dubbed.  Where do I start?  The disco collar?  The shocking amount of man-cleavage?  The shoulder feathers?  The…belt?  This whole costume is a mush of light blue and yellow that almost puts Tim Drake’s new be-feathered Red Robin costume to shame.





One response

7 07 2011
Barak Blackburn

Hating on Black Goliath….. not cool. That isn’t even Dick’s worst Nightwing look:

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