As a Barbarian: Making Sushi

23 05 2011

Point the first: I’m a barbarian.

I don’t mean in the “carry a club over one shoulder, your woman over the other, dress in furs and never bathe” kind of way.  I mean more in the “eat meat off the bone, consume weeks-old leftovers, not know the difference between a spatula and a spoon and probably just use a stick instead” kind of barbarian.  In terms of eating, if it’s there, I’ll try it, but if it’s meat, I’ll try it twice.  In terms of cooking, simple is good, fast is better, and lots is best.

Point the second: I like sushi.

And I’ve had plenty of opportunities to eat it.  Speaking fairly, while I really enjoy the seaweed-wrapped rice regardless of what’s in the center, I prefer sashimi, or raw fish over rice without any seaweed involved.  Heck, I don’t even need the rice; one time, I managed to eat a big-old piece of raw tuna bigger than my head!  (I was nine at the time, so my head might have been a bit smaller.)  Regretfully, both sushi and sashimi are terribly expensive to get, even if it’s just the simple stuff from the supermarket, so I couldn’t indulge as often as I like, poor little me.

The solution: make it myself!

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