The Fourth Wall: I’m Atop It!

5 06 2011

A very long time ago on the internet (read: about three years), there was this guy.  With glasses.  He created these little five-second versions of movies, because it amused him and others.  He got kind of popular.  He started doing other things, like reviews of nostalgic movies.   He got more popular.  He created his own site, and started doing more and more things, like dressing as a bum and mocking newer movies, and dressing in a smoking jacket and answering questions creepily.

This last led to a little contest a year or so later, where the guy with the glasses invited his watchers to submit their own “answering questions creepily” videos.  One such was a guy in a hat.  The guy in the hat found, after doing this video, that he kind of liked it.  Hat-guy already had a site dedicated to tearing apart bad comics, so he made a video version of one of his reviews.  He liked it, others liked it, and so he made another.  And another.  This went on for two years, up until, well, today.

So, why am I rambling about this?  Well,  I got introduced to the famous glasses site about four months ago, and to the hatted guy a month later.   I became a very big fan, diving through the hundred-odd videos of the comic reviewer and enjoying them immensely.   So much so, in fact, that I joined a fan group on Facebook.  And said group was holding a contest.  A contest to create a video tearing apart a bad comic, in the style of the hatted guy.  And I did.

The video quality is bad, the puns are worse, and the comic is the worst of all.  Dedicated to Linkara (the hat guy), because, hey, it’s his characters I’m spoofing, and this literally would not exist without him.  You are an entertaining inspiration, and I hope one day to meet you at a convention.  And not be a crazy fan at you.  Yes.

Oh, and I’ve been wearing my hat for three years, way before I knew of all this (read: way before it was cool, because I’m a nerd fashion hipster).